Secrets from
the Borne Settee

A work of devised theatre presented by The University of Regina Theatre Department.
Created by an ensemble cast, and directed by Kathryn Bracht, with a soundscape led by
Hugo Solis streaming from Mexico


Live Stream

March 23, 2019 starting at 7 PM
Youtube, live from the Shu-Box

Join us for our first ever live stream of a performance. Watch the show live on Youtube, and subscribe to our channel.

Online talkback on Twitter after the live stream @thebornesettee. Join viewers from around the world to give feedback and help shape the future of this work.

Live Performances

March 20 - 23, 2019 at 7:30 PM
Shu-Box Theatre, Riddell Centre

There will be talkbacks after the Thursday and Friday shows. Give your feedback and have a part in shaping a work of theatre in progress!

Get more details on tickets and location.

About the Play

Secrets from the Borne Settee began as an idea: to investigate the nature of love through various historical and contemporary relationships. Through creative exploration in the studio it became something more - an exploration of violence, sex, and addiction through the lens of relationships that are often commodified for public consumption. Many historical duos take the stage, including Bonnie and Clyde, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, Courtney Love and Kurt Colbain, and Empress Josephine and Napoleon Bonaparte.

The play is being workshopped, and is offered as a work-in-progress. Your feedback will help shape the work moving forward. Stay after the show on Thursday, March 21st, and Friday, March 22nd for the talk-back sessions, and on Twitter (@thebornesettee) after the show on Saturday, March 23rd! With incredible lighting design, music streamed live from Mexico, and multimedia film and projection utilized in the production, it is not a show to be missed!

Tickets and Location

Tickets are available at the door. The box office opens at 6:15 PM. Cash only. Limited seating.

The Shu-box Theatre is located in the Riddell Centre at The University of Regina, 3737 Wascana Parkway, Regina, Saskatchewan. Get directions.

Ticket Prices
Adults $20
Students and Seniors $15
U of R Students (with ID) Free